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Click to go to BLUEPRINT developer zone...

Video Tutorials

BLUEPRINT in 2-minutes

Think Parallel First!


My First BLUEPRINT Application

Example 1: Simple Circuit

Example 1 Project Files

Example 2: Adding more operators to simple circuit

Example 3: Simple parallel file processing example

Example 4: Simple MFC GUI Example

Technical Articles

Connective Logic
- What Is It?

Holographic Processing
- Inside the CORE runtime

John Trono's 'Santa Claus'
- A Classic Example

Technical Support

BLUEPRINT support forum

BLUEPRINT bug reporting

BLUEPRINT Developer Zone

Developer Zone

Latest Video Tutorial

This video tutorial guides you through the process of creating a new BLUEPRINT application using C++. It covers the following topics:

  • Using AppWizard to create a BLUEPRINT library
  • Creating a simple BLUEPRINT circuit
  • Creating a simple MFC application that uses the BLUEPRINT library
  • Generating simple diagnostics

My First BLUEPRINT Application - Video Demo